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Escape to Italy Store

The Escape to Italy Basket

For those in love with Italy, a sturdy handwoven natural twig basket is filled to the brim with beautiful photos, books to inspire, delightful movie favorites and made in Italy treats to arouse your imagination and  let you escape to Italy as often as you like, before you get there.

Makes an unforgettable Birthday, Holiday, Anytime Gift


"Live Your Dream in Italy" One Day Workshop

Have you dreamed of living in Italy?  Can you see yourself in a terraced apartment overlooking the Bay of Naples, or a step-tiered mountainside retreat high above the Italian Riveria?  Imagine picking your very own fragrant arugula, basil and rosemary from a vegetable garden like Frances Mayes (Under the Tuscan Sun) in famed Tuscany.  Perhaps a pied-a-terre in Florence, Rome or romantic Venice is more to your taste.  However you dream to live, work, study, invest or retire in Italy the “Live Your Dream in Italy” - One Day Workshop will arm you with down-to-earth facts and resources to make it happen sooner than you think. You can live an extraordinary life in Italy today (not some distant future).  It is affordable and within your reach!  Learn more and register here.

Live in Italy Now… The Roadmap

Has Italy captured your imagination? Are vacation visits just not enough to satisfy your longing? If the idea of living there for several months, part of the year, full-time, extended stay or as a place to retire, has ever crossed your mind, but you just didn't know where to begin.  Live in Italy Now… The RoadMap, is for you. It will walk you through nagging fears, worries about the language, the "overwhelm" of the move, recommend affordable places to stay while you house hunt, residency rules, banking, insurance, cost of living and the process of buying property. This step-by-step guide has all the vital information needed to help you realize your dream of "La bella vita" (the beautiful life).  Learn more and get your copy here.

Find Your Dream Home Tour

If you are ready to take the next step in your love affair with Italy and discover just “where” you would like to live; join a small escorted group on this whirlwind house hunt as we explore the wealth of options Italy offers to fit any lifestyle and budget.

Our 9 day trip takes us to Milan, lakeside towns on Lake Como, Florence and the storybook countryside made famous in Under the Tuscan Sun, the picturesque hilltown of Gubbio and rural Umbria, and of course, Rome. For those seeking more remote locations, an optional 3 day side trip to Sicily is available.

By the tour's end, you will have  contacts and resources to enable you to confidently take the next steps to prepare to call Italy  "home."  Who knows, you might even find your dream home on this visit!

Learn more and reserve your spot here.

Could you call this "home?"

Consultation Services

Our goal is to assist you in fulfilling your dream of living in Italy. If you would like to discuss your plans; or if you don't have a strategy in place to get you there and would like help developing one, please complete our Consultation Request Form and we will contact you to arrange a private session.

Let's have a conversation.  <<Click Here for Consultation Request Form>>

The Mass  English/Italian

Italian Churches from grand basilicas to tiny abbey chapels are living museums.  If your enjoyment of a magnificent ceiling, painting , mosaic or sculpture has ever been cut short due to church or chapel closure for daily Mass.  Don't leave.  Why not stay?  Just open this handy Kindle travel companion.  The Mass  English/Italian with a quick reference Pronunciation Guide to help you effectively articulate the most common Italian words in the Mass.  Ideal for both Catholics and non Catholics.  Now you can actively participate and respond to the Priest with the locals.  Learn more and get your copy here.