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Ready to Live Your Dream

of “La Bella Vita?”

The Roadmap to get you where YOU want to be...Italy.


Expected Release Date October 31, 2016

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Dear Lover of Italy,

Has the thought of living in Italy for a short spell, long term or retirement crossed your mind?  

If the dream of  a bella vita (the beautiful life) in a quaint medieval walled village,  rustic country farmhouse, an apartment in historic Rome, Florence, Venice or Milan has caught your fancy, then it is time to consider  what the actual move would involve.

Of course, a move anywhere much less a foreign country brings to mind worrisome questions and concerns:

If you’re anything like me, for years between trips to Italy my imagination could take me there at a moments notice.


Are you down for the dream, but find it difficult to wrap your thoughts around actually taking the first steps to live the dream?

Live in Italy Now...The Roadmap provides concrete information on how you can make living in Italy a reality.  It s designed to quickly get you up to speed on details of daily life, help you overcome your fears, imagine what life would be like and arm you with the necessary tools to get settled in quickly.  

Don’t  allow fears of the language to keep you from realizing your dream!

Live in Italy Now...The Roadmap has everything you need to live your dream of “la bella vita.”   Here’s what you’ll discover:


Making a move to another country can be traumatic and without a doubt it is complicated. But, you can avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes if you learn as much as you can before you go, have the facts and know your options.

Live in Italy Now...the Roadmap step-by-step approach allows you to picture yourself in Italy and imagine what your daily life will be like.  Determine if Italy is in your future for a short stay, several months every year, long-term or for retirement.  You may decide you prefer vacations and dreams to an actual move, or decide an extended vacation will satisfy your wanderlust.

Don’t  you owe it to yourself to find out?

If a move is a go, you can select the Roadmap strategy that best fits your needs will have an actual plan to follow.  Pre-move and Document Check Lists are provided to assure you have everything you need to set up your new home, better understand the Italian way of life, and be able to adapt successfully in this extraordinary and beautiful country.

It would cost you hundreds of dollars to collect this information on your own, if you could find it all.

Live in Italy Now...the Roadmap is designed to  save you time, money, and help you invest more profitable to enjoy a richer and more satisfying life in Italy.

Right now Live in Italy Now...the Roadmap

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