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Live in Italy Now Events

Organized not only to help you realize your dream of calling Italy home - - full-time, part of the year, extended stay or retirement, but also to speed up the process so you can be there sooner than you think.

Live in Italy Now Presents: "Live Your Dream in Italy" One Day Workshop

November 4, 2016 New York, New York

The "Live Your Dream in Italy" One Day Workshop offers you the opportunity to network with experts in real estate, property rental, banking, insurance and International law, who provide valuable information and assistance to save you time and money as you begin to explore or embark on your exciting expate adventure. Decide if this is right for you;  and avoid the many common mistakes made while moving and acquiring property aboard. Find out more here.

Live in Italy Now Presents: Find Your Dream Home Tour

April 7 - April 17, 2017- Milan, Lake Como, Florence and Tuscany, Gubbio and Umbria, Rome (Sicily)*

Are you ready to take the next step and find your dream home?  Maybe you'd like to trim down your list of prime areas you think you would like to live; or perhaps you are curious to see up close what properties are available and at what price. If the answer is yes to any of the above, then this nine day house hunt is for you!

Discover Italy when the tourists are gone. Meet local real estate agents (fluent in English), who will show you a diverse array of properties (city, village, lakefront and rural farmhouses). Find out which lifestyle best meets your needs. We introduce you to architects and designers so you can discuss firsthand the pros and cons of restoring properties. Several American expatriates will join us for dinner and describe their life abroad, what they like (and don’t like) about living in Italy as well as interesting Italians eager to share their passion and love of country.

Accommodations at Villa D’Este on Lake Como, Torre de Bellosguardo in Florence and Charming Hotels properties in Gubbio and Rome are First Class!

We have done the legwork, so by the end of your stay, you’ll have the contacts and confidence to take the plunge and decide to call Italy "home."

* Extend the House-hunt: For those interested in outdoor living twelve months of the year  - optional 3 days in Sicily. Learn more and reserve your spot here.